We are ready to share our expertise accumulated for 30 years in software testing, and deliver an all-in-one solution specially tailored to your needs. Nowadays, software testing has become a substantial part of the development process, spreading across the entire product lifecycle and directly influencing the outcome. That is why it is so important to promptly detect all the pain-points and risks.

MERA QA experts will help you identify the key areas of processes and practices to be improved. Our professionals have years of hands-on experience in all kinds of tests for a number of industry verticals. We will evaluate your current process and provide you with detailed recommendations on how to fill the gaps and optimize your testing process to enhance your software quality. We can perform all the necessary tests for you as well.

Test Consulting Services We Offer

  • Test strategy definition
  • Test process consulting
  • Test case audit
  • Estimation of QA efforts
  • Test automation consulting
  • Perfomance test consulting
  • Test framework/tools evaluation
  • Static code analysis and optimization
  • MERA Test Consulting Services


  • Improved Rol. Efficient QA process ensure that you will profit from your investments much faster.
  • Reduce time-to-market. A smaller devect backlog means that your software development lifecycle can be significantly shorter without compromissing the quality of the product
  • Increased productivity. With optimized testing process, you can quickly free up your resources and involve them in a new project.
  • Enchanced quality of your software. You can easier achieve your expected level of quality covering all the cases with our thoroughly detailed testing strategy.