When you need to start a new project at short notice you may feel a lack of QA resources. We will gladly take over the entire testing process for you to be able to focus on development.

MERA test team, trained in all aspects of software testing, will apply the most efficient QA methods specially tailored to your project. Our scope of competence in software testing comprises years of working with different industry verticals. We adhere to the industry standards and employ latest technologies and tools to make your software run faultlessly.

On-Demand Services to Grow Your Business

To make sure you deliver the best product to your customers, we

  • Carefully study your product requirements specification
  • Consider all your requirements for tests to be performed and tools to be used
  • Involve the QA talents and managers that possess the necessary skills
  • Choose optimal tools and methodologies to meet all your project’s specific needs
  • Develop test specifications and a test plan, which may include both automated and manual testing
  • Coordinate the test cases and details with you and execute tests
  • Draw up a report on bugs found in defect tracking system
  • Provide daily feedback on the progress and announce next planned activitie
  • Perform regression and acceptance tests after all the defects are fixed on your side
  • Create test cases and develop customized frameworks if needed
  • Choose a suitable cooperation model

    Benefits of On-Demand testing with MERA

  • Cost reduction. You don't have to maintain your own full-time QA team. Test only when you need it.
  • Shorter time-to-market. The development and testing process running in parallel ensure the project is completed on-time.
  • Higher quality of software testing. A fresh take on your product and impartial approach allow us to find more critical and minor defects in your software. Planning the tests, we rely on your product requirements specification to help you achieve the expected level of quality.
  • Deep software testing expertise. We staff our team with most efficient test engineers and domain experts continuously upgrading their skills.
  • Flexibility. We can join your project at any stage of the development cycle and quickly adapt to changing product requirements. Depending on your needs, we can either execute some particular tests or perform a complex product testing.
  • Transparency. Daily feedback on testing status will keep you up-to-date with our progress.