Take advantage of expanding your team with MERA’s QA talents, accessing all major industry expertise and skills with no need for hiring more staff. Keep full control of your ongoing and new projects and scale your R&D and software testing team quickly and efficiently with our professionals, integrated into your company’s workflow.

MERA is a trusted service provider for a number of industry verticals. Our QA experts are experienced in all types of tests and ready to become a high-grade part of your team to help you achieve best results. A continuous increase in our software testing expertise combined with a comprehensive understanding of the latest technologies and industry trends ensure that MERA test team will meet all your business needs.

To make sure you deliver the best product to your customers, we provide

  • An easy start and seamless team integration
  • Optimized workforce costs
  • Higher productivity of the whole team leading to a shorter time-to-market
  • Full control of project execution complimented by MERA management
  • A turn-key team working in compliance with your project specification and requirements
  • A big variety of technologies, methodologies, frameworks, and tools to choose from
  • Strengthening of your technical expertise with our specificalists QA skill sets
  • Fast ramp up and ramp down with uninterrupted workflow
  • Several locations with QA resources in different parts of Europe
  • Your Engineering Team Extension with MERA QA Talents